Aromatherapy Pillow Spray – SLEEP 50ml


Blended with nature’s most relaxing and soothing essential oils, this mist will help you find restful sleep and sweet dreams.

Contains a blend of camomile, lavender, lemon and margoram.  100% natural, cruelty free and vegan.  Presented in a 50ml amber glass spray bottle.

Price per 50ml bottle.

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Shake well before use.  Then, simply mist onto your pillow and bed linen before sleep.


For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Keep out of reach of children.  Shake bottle well before use.  Test fabric before use as contains essential oils.


Essential oil aromatherapy should not be considered as a cure for any health conditions, and it is not our intention to offer professional medical advice or treatment for any condition.  We recommend consulting with your GP if you have any health concerns or are pregnant before using any aromatherapy products.  Aromatherapy benefits are based on scientific research, exploring the natural uses and benefits of essential oils on the human body.  Everyone is different and may or may not be affected by aromatherapy in the same way.  The potential benefits of any Aromology aromatherapy products are reported from current and previous evidence-based research but cannot  be guaranteed.