Essential Oil Candle – Pink Grapefruit 400g


This Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Candle has a sparkling and fresh fragrance with supporting notes of orange, green herbs, rose, jasmine and aldehydes to help uplift the mood and wake the mind.

The biggest of our Essential Oil Candles, containing three wicks to make sure its intoxicating scent goes a long way!

From container to candle, this product is totally handcrafted from start to finish.  The container is handmade from concrete and holds 400g of wax.

A real statement candle with an amazing, zingy and citrusy scent throw!!

Hand poured with 100% natural soy wax and pure essential oils.  Finished off with dried grapefruit, dried Seville orange peel and star anise.  100% vegan.

Presented in a protective cardboard box and tied with string.

This candle is handmade to order.

Price per 400g candle – gives up to 90 hours burn time.


Always place candle on appropriate heat resistant flat surface, and keep away from draughts and flammable objects. For best results burn candle for 3-4 hours at a time, never move whilst lit, wait until the wax hardens. Keep wick trimmed to approx 10mm and remove trimmings, match stubbs and any other foreign objects. Be aware that the holder will become very hot whilst the candle is lit.

At Aromology all our candles are individually hand poured, so can take up to 7 days to dispatch. However we will always endeavour to keep timescales to a minimum.

PLEASE NOTE – Essential oil aromatherapy should not be considered as a cure for any health conditions, and it is not our intention to offer professional medical advice or treatment for any condition.  We recommend consulting with your GP if you have any health concerns or are pregnant before using any aromatherapy products.  Aromatherapy benefits are based on scientific research, exploring the natural uses and benefits of essential oils on the human body.  Everyone is different and may or may not be affected by aromatherapy in the same way.  The potential benefits of any Aromology aromatherapy products are reported from current and previous evidence-based research but cannot  be guaranteed.