Mosaic Aroma Lamp Gift Set – Spiced Amber 500ml


This Gift Set contains a stunning Mosaic Aroma Lamp and a 500ml bottle of Spiced Amber Lamp Oil.

This lamp not only looks amazing but fragrances the home beautifully at the same time as cleaning the air!  It has a platinum coated burner stone connected to a cotton wick which is inserted into the bottle.  The stone acts as a catayst.  The mix of oxygen and lamp oil keeps the stone hot by constantly drawing oil up through the wick and releasing the fragrance it into the air.

Consists of a glass mosaic lamp, a stone connected to a cotton wick, a snuffer cap and a decorative cap.

Lamp dimensions: 16cm x 11cm x 11cm.

With it’s beautiful blend of woody cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli and vanilla on a base of musk this Spiced Amber fragrance oil is definitely reminiscent of Arabian nights!! !!

Our fragranced lamp oils are hand poured using only high quality fragrance oils.

This 500ml bottle will give around 20-25 hours of fragrance.

Presented in an Apothercary style fully recyclable PET amber plastic bottle with aluminium lid.

Each item is presented in a Kraft cardboard gift tube then wrapped in biodegradable plastic and finished off with a jute bow.

Price includes an Aroma Lamp and a 500ml bottle of Spiced Amber Lamp Oil.


Remove wick/catalytic stone, fill lamp two thirds full with chosen frangrance oil.  Replace wick/catalytic stone and allow to soak for 20-30 mins with the snuffer cap on.  Remove snuffer cap and light wick – the flame can raise up to 10cm in height – do not leave unattended.  After 1-2 minutues blow out the flame.  Replace decorative silver top.  Allow to burn for up to 1 hour then replace snuffer cap to starve of oxygen and eliminate fragrance.  Replace decorative cap until next time.

Always stand the lamp on a flat, protected surface and keep away from flammable objects.  Keep out of reach of children and animals.  If lamp oil is ingested seek medical advice immediately.